"Infinite beatitude of existence! [I am]; and there is nothing else beside [me]. [I fill] all Space, and what [I fill, I am]. What [I think], that [I utter]; and what [I utter], that [I hear]; and [I myself] is Thinker, Utterer, Hearer, Thought, Word, Audition; [I am] the One, and yet the All in All. Ah, the happiness, ah, the happiness of Being! Ah, the joy, ah, the joy of Thought! What can me not achieve by thinking! My own Thought coming to Itself, suggestive of me disparagement, thereby to enhance my happiness! Sweet rebellion stirred up to result in triumph! Ah, the divine creative power of the All in One! Ah, the joy, the joy of Being!"
― Monarch of Pointland

The ability to exist within and as the 0th dimension; which is a point.




  • The 0th dimension is an absolutely tiny speck; meaning movement is impossible.

Known Users

  • The Monarch of Pointland (Flatland)
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