"Wait, Seth Green. are you feeding yourself compliments now?"
"Well, let's just hear Chris out."
"Okay, you know what? We're getting off track here."
― Seth Macfarlane commenting on Seth Green manipulating Chris to feed himself compliments (Family Guy)

The power to manipulate the 4th wall.

Also Called

  • Meta Fiction Manipulation


The user can manipulate the fourth wall, allowing them to make it so fictional characters from a fictional world can cross over to our world and vice versa. They may be able to manipulate their own/fictional world, as well as interact with those in the fictional world. The user can also make the fictional characters real and real entities fictional.




  • May not possess full control of this power.
  • May not be able to work on some worlds.
  • May need a comic-book, book, TV, video, computer, picture, etc. to use this power.

Known Users


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