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The power to use the abilities of an abarimon. Variation of Exotic Human Physiology.

Also Called

  • Antipode Physiology


Users of this ability can either mimic the traits of an abarimon or are one. Abarimons are a type of humanoid found in Roman mythology and medieval bestiaries which resemble humans with legs being bent backwards, despite this they could run incredibly fast and had a reputation for being extremely wild, unable to be tamed.

Abarimons were believed to live in a special valley that had some unique air that they could not survive without, so much so that any attempt to move them from their native valley would result in their death.




  • Unable to live long outside their native valley due to the special air found within it.
  • While fantastical in nature they are still mortal creatures thus could be harmed like any other human.

Known Users

  • Abarimon (Roman Mythology)