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"Beyond that door, is a place that humans can't even imagine. Transcending time and space....God's domain."
― Lily/Eve (18if)

The power to gain access/entry to any location, place or time. Sub-power of Access Manipulation. Opposite to Access Denial.

Also Called

  • Lock Bypassing
  • Almighty/Meta/Omni/Infinite/Total/Perfect Access


User can gain access or entry to any location, place or time. They can easily gain access to places that are spatiolocked, temporal locked, spatial-temporal locked, isolated, closed, possibly even omnilocked locations. It doesn't matter where or what the location or target is, they can always access them. And in some cases you can access just more than locations , you can even gain access to items , desires or if not abilities themselves.




Known Users

Known Objects

  • Space Gem (Marvel Comics)
  • Key of Kussundra (Marvel Comics)