The power to craft anything at the ultimate level. Advanced version of Supernatural Artisan.

Also Called

  • All Mighty Artisan/Artisanship
  • Grand Master Artisanship
  • Ultimate Artisan/Artisanship


User can craft anything out of anything/everything that may be functional or strictly decorative out of any/all materials or substances with little to no resources with perfect quality. some user can even make anything out of pure thought.

They can make things like furniture, sculpture, clothing, jewelry, household items/tools or even machines such as the handmade devices of a watchmaker, up to and even architecture, and they do so they with limited resources in exceptionally short time. The user can take it a step further by also adding abilities to there creations and extraordinary actions like manipulating/distorting reality.





  • Takes time.
  • Some items may be absolutely unique and unrepeatable, even for their maker.
  • May not be able to destroy what they create.

Known Users

  • Neith (Egyptian Mythology)
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