"My dear gentlemen, ladies...I am an assassin. I have killed more people than cancer. I like my work. I am very good at it. It is not just a job. It is a vocation."
― Constantine Drakon (DC Comics)
"You'd be surprised what innovative munitions can be created by one immortal being who's set his mind on killing another."
― Q (Star Trek Voyager)

The power to possess the absolute skill in locating and slaying targets. Ultimate version of Enhanced Assassination.

Also Called

  • Absolute Killing/Murdering/Slaying
  • Absolute Assassin


User possesses transcendent skill in the art of assassination, they can dispatch any target regardless of strength, status (even immortal or undead) and distance without a struggle, covering or not leaving any tracks.





  • Though the user is transcendent in assassin skills, they may be limited simply by their own existence. For example, an ultimate human assassin may not be able to defeat an ultimate demon assassin.
  • Does not work on Omnipotent beings or users of Flawless Indestructibility.
  • May not work on users of Absolute Immortality.

Known Users

  • Assassin/King Hassan (Fate/Grand Order)
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