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"Your world must be terrible, It seems so gray and bleak, How can you possibly live in a world without superheroes?"
"We get by. Anyway if you want superheroes, I can give you superheroes. Look."
(Creates a bunch of superheroes)
"How about that? Will the excitement never end?"
(Destroys Them)
"My God. What have you done to all those people?"
"They're not part of the story. I only put them in to make this conversation more interesting to draw."
― Animal Man and Grant Morrison (DC Comics)
"Oh no! What's happening this time? It's getting so bright! Hey! Hey, I can't see anything! Help me! Help me!..."
― Superboy Prime retcons himself.

The power to erase absolutely any type of character. Sub-power to Meta Art Manipulation, Author Authority or Absolute Erasure. Variation of Absolute Death Inducement. Opposite to Absolute Character Creation. Absolute version of Character Erasure.

Also Called

  • Almighty/ Meta/ Pata/ Omni/ Omnipotent/ Infinite/ Ultimate/ Godly/ Divine/ Supreme/ Boundless/ Transcendent/ Illimitable/ Limitless/ Unlimited/ Unrestricted/ Total/ True/ Perfect/ Complete Character Erasure


The user can erase utterly any type of character with no limit. Successfully erasing their very design, their role, function, and purpose in the story. The user can not only erase them from the story but also their history or ties they may have with other characters, places, or objects from the entire narrative as if the character didn't exist at all, Totally erasing the very idea of the character.

Users view created characters as fiction, so no matter what the description the character may have or what they represent (be it normal, supernatural or meta-fictional characters) complete and full erasure will certainly be achieved since users of this power usually are The Author/Writer themselves.

The nature of this power functions the same way a writer would erase a character; everything about that character's existence will be gone for good.



Known Users