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The power to embody the state of being complete or absolute. Variation of Concept Embodiment and Transcendent Embodiment. Not to be confused with Unity.

Also Called

  • Completeness/Wholeness Embodiment
  • Pleroma
  • Symmetry Embodiment
  • The Absolute
  • The Complete
  • The Living Absolute
  • The Walking Absolute


User embodies the state of being complete or absolute. Being complete means having all the necessary or appropriate parts so this power does not mean you embody everything just things of an absolute nature. Because of the users absolute nature they are free from any thing that would be deemed superfluous or wasteful. This translates to the user being without any weaknesses or limitations.



Known Users

  • Supreme Beings/God/Absolute God (Religion/Monotheism); via Perfection
    • Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh (Abrahamic Religions)
    • Para Brahman (Hinduism)
    • Bathala (Philippine Mythology)
    • The One/Monad (Gnosticism)
  • Black Mage (8 Bit Theater)
  • Anu (Diablo)
  • Atum (Egyptian Mythology)
  • All (Hermeticism/Esotericism)
  • Tilottama (Hindu Mythology)
  • Honor/Honos (Roman Mythology)
  • Michael (Valkyrie Crusade)