The power to cause explosions that can destroy absolutely anything. The absolute/ultimate form of Explosion Inducement. Variation of Absolute Attack.

Also Called

  • Absolute/Meta/Omni Explosion Inducement
  • Reality Explosion
  • Ultimate Explosion Inducement


The user can create explosions that can destroy absolutely anything and everything, with absolutely nothing can defend against it.

The attack can cause explosions that destroy opponents of any form, whether they be immortal or the hardest substance in existence. It can also reach every plane of existence, whether it be space and time or alternate and pocket dimensions. The attack can affect the target no matter what as it is an omnipresential attack that can explode through all timeline and parallel dimensions. Intangibility cannot evade the attack as it explodes past the "intangible" defense and strikes the physical being beneath it. The user can cause explosions that burst through intangible objects as well.

This power also explodes through metaphysical concepts such as reality and illusion, allowing one to either dispel and destroy illusions of any level or explode through the barrier between the two and allow imagination to become reality or vice versa. Dreams and memories can also be caused to explode, allowing one to escape from being trapped in nightmares and the mental world. Conceptual locations and beings such as heaven or hell, living or spiritual, and gods or devils, are also be affected by this ability.




  • Users of Omnilock are immune.
  • Users may not be immune to their own explosions.
  • Could unintentionally destroy things they did not want to destroy.

Known Users