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"A god — a real god — is a verb. Not some old man with magic powers. It's a force. It warps reality just by being there. It doesn't have to want to. It doesn't have to think about it. It just does."
― Cerberus Member (Mass Effect 2)

The power to possess absolute and infinite control over all forces. Sub-power of Omnipotence and Omni-Manipulation. Form/Expression of Nigh-Omnipotence. Absolute version of Force Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Absolute Dynamism
  • All Force Manipulation
  • Master Force Manipulation
  • Omniforce Manipulation
  • Omniversal Force Manipulation
  • Omnipotent Force Manipulation
  • Perfect/Supreme/Total/Complete Force Manipulation
  • Ultimate Force Manipulation


Users can create, manipulate and shape force in all its forms, whether physical, transcendent, natural, spiritual, mental, cosmic, etc. i.e. all the absolute forces that make up the flow and nature of reality.

They can turn a tornado into a gentle breeze, bring a raging tsunami to a halt, annihilate a continent simply by slamming ones palm into the earth, provided the user understands the natural forces required for continental destruction, cause a massive destruction with a simple snap of fingers and many more effects on a whim. User can bring all supernatural powers and activity in the area to a complete standstill by denying them all the force they rely upon to function.


Mental Forces

Natural Forces

Physical Forces

Supernatural Forces

Transcendent Forces

Other Forces


Known Users

  • Primal Deities (Mythology); the ones who created and represent all forces in the universe.
    • Bathala (Philippine Mythology)
      • Dwata
    • Bia (Greek Mythology); personification of Force.
    • Parvati/Durga (Hinduism)
    • Shakti (Hinduism)
  • Liandra (Angel); originally
  • One-Above-All (Marvel Comics)
  • Goddess of Dawn (Invaders of the Rokujyoma)
  • God (Spawn)
  • Satan (Spawn)
  • Cosmic Forge (Rifts)
  • B.B. (TYPE-MOON)
  • Parvati (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Durga (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Divine Spawn (Spawn)
  • The Gentle Pull/The Force (Super Mario Bros)
  • Lucifer (DC Comics)
  • Max Faraday (Wildstorm)
  • Key/Tokiko Mima (Key the Metal Idol)
  • Oliver Martin (X-Files)