The power to hear everything that happens, no matter how far and no matter the conditions. Sub-power of Absolute Senses. Ultimate form of Enhanced Hearing.

Also Called

  • All-Hearing
  • Omniaudience
  • Ultimate Hearing


User is not limited to just the average range of enhanced hearing, they can hear everything that goes on in the world, or the entire galaxy, or even the entire universe. They can do more than just hear everything that goes on, they can even hear the thoughts of anyone and everyone (not to be confused with Telepathy) as well as being able to bypass time itself and hear the past and future.





  • Sound-based abilities could cause excruciating pain, strain and even kill the user.
  • Because the user hears everything, they may have problems finding what they want to hear.

Known Users

  • Naoto Miura (Clockwork Planet)
  • Piccolo (Dragon Ball Z)
  • The Listener (Last Dragon Chronicles)
  • Heimdall (Marvel Comics)
  • Heimdall (Norse Mythology)
  • Varda (Silmarilion)
  • Zebra (Toriko)
  • Yomi (Yu-Yu Hakusho)


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