The ability to respawn instantly, flawlessly and infinitely. Combination of Respawning and Immortality. Variation of Infinite Resurrection. The absolute version of Respawning.

Also Called

  • Godly/Meta Respawning


The user can respawn instantly, flawlessly and infinitely, meaning that they retain all aspects and pieces of themselves when they respawn, including their memories, personality, experiences, consciousness, soul, body, possibly even clothing they were wearing, etc. Even if their soul is destroyed/harmed/taken, they will respawn with it returned and unharmed.

The user will respawn no matter what state/condition they were/are in, in a perfectly healthy state, negating any and all diseases and conditions, respawning possibly to the closest position to the previous death, but this may also be in a specific place.





Known Users

  • Connor Cornwall (Confinement)
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