The power to manipulate soul of all realities everywhere. Ultimate version of Soul Manipulation. Sub-power of Soul Embodiment and Soul Lordship. Variation of Meta Life-Force Manipulation. Not to be confused with Meta Life-Force Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Boundless/Meta Soul Control/Manipulation
  • Omni Soul/Spirit/Ghost Manipulation
  • Omniversal Soul Manipulation


The user is able to manipulate the souls, spirits and ghosts of all aspects, of all places, realities, dimensions/realms, times, universes, etc., regardless of their location such as those in a higher dimension/plane, heaven, hell, or a metaphysical/conceptual one (i.e., a dream/dream world, an illustration, a complete void, in-between or outside fantasy and reality, an illogical/paradoxical world), The user will be able to create, shape and manipulate any and all forms of soul forces at an absolute level, gaining unimaginable power and great abilities involving all the forces of souls in the multiverse and everything connected to them.



Known Users


  • God (Abrahamic Faiths)
  • Holy Spirit (Abrahamic Faiths)
  • Ammit (Egyptian Mythology)
  • Phanes (Greek/Persian Mythology)


  • The Natural Order (Supernatural)

Known Objects

  • Soul Gem (Marvel Comics); with the other Stones.

Known Locations

  • Graveyard of the Gods (DC Comics)
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