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"The Holy Right's strike that ends everything it touches and reaches anything when swung uses the Miracles of the Right Hand to create the most favorable outcome. The right hand adapts to the obstacles and hardships it must face regardless of its target's power, speed, distance and numbers. The strike then chooses the most suitable method of destruction to match the enemies difficulty and manifests it without using destructive force."
― Fiamma of the Right (Toaru Majutsu no Index)
"You hide your powers well, but you'll find them useless against me."
― Ryde to Boomer. (Children of the Halo: Engines of Creation)
"You were no match for my powers. But then, who is?"
― Invoker, whilst taunting defeated opponents. (Dota 2)

The power to manifest absolutely any kind of power to counter any situation. Sub-power of Absolute Superpower Manipulation and Superior Adaptation. Technique of Complete Arsenal and Nigh-Complete Arsenal. Ultimate variation of Power Opposition.

Also Called[]

  • Absolute Counter/Counteraction/Nemesis Power
  • Meta Counter/Counteraction/Nemesis Power
  • Absolute/Meta/Omni/Ultimate Power Domination/Opposition
  • Absolute/Ultimate Superpower Reaction


Users posses unimaginable power to manifest any possible ability to oppose whatever situation they happen to be. This power is based on the fact there's always available counters for nearly any ability as they exist in unyielding opposition. This is why this offers its users any ability to overpower nearly anything on their path. They are able to choose selective set of abilities, instantly manifest and use them flawlessly with overflowing opponents with intense combinations. This power works in similar fashion as Complete Arsenal but focuses entirely on defying any situation with users' infinite potentiality they can bring any power from being able to do virtually anything to bypass, defy, nullify or otherwise oppose given situations.

However, most absolute powers exist beyond duality and thus cannot be opposed. Instead, rather then directly nullifying those abilities, Meta Nemesis Power can look from a different angle/perspective to use any weaknesses or disadvantages one posseses to effectively striking them. Depending on fictional setting, it can manifest certain absolute powers but never break them, giving unique set for seemingly most users. This power is mostly held by beings with unlimited power and is utilized as a universal counteraction against anything.

With complete mastery, users can become an ultimate conquest on the top of duality of superpowers dominated only by universal restrictions or total, alien, all-encompassive exceptions.



Known Users[]