The power to supersede everything that supersedes yourself. Opposite to Unreachable Magnitude.

Also Called

  • Absolute Usurpation
  • Meta Supersession
  • Meta Supplantation


The user can instantly surpass literally anything and anyone who supersedes them, regardless of their level of authority or power. If the user's level of power is 5 and whoever opposes the user's power is a 10, then the user's power will automatically be a 15, gaining new powers, abilities, positions and titles with every rise. The user will be able to exist on a higher level than anything and everything that's on an even higher level than the user. The apposition could have complete reign over all things or be the embodiment of authority, and the user would still be able to supersede them as its in their nature to do so at a limitless rate.




  • User cannot supersede Omnipotence.
  • May not know how to control their new powers each time they supersede something/someone.
  • The user needs to come into contact with a greater force in order for this power to work.

Known Users

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