"This was the Final Moment of Victory and Ultimate Annihilation, the most powerful and destructive weapon ever constructed. It was also known as the "Galaxy Eater," but even that told only a small fraction of its true capacity. No one had tested it, so it was impossible to be certain, but it was probably capable of annihilating the whole universe or more."
― The Last Great Time War

The power to wield or create weapons that cannot be defended against by any means. Variation of Absolute Attack and Power Weaponry.


User can create/use weapons that cannot be blocked, reduced, countered, negated or deflected by any means, defenses, armor, and immunity. This ability is not dependent on physical factors like strength but is instead based on the properties of the attack.


  • Concept Destruction: destroy and negate conceptual defenses such as time and dimension to successfully hit the target.
  • Defense Break: bypass and ignore all forms of defense, whether it be metal armor or dimensional barrier.
  • Defensive Damage: Inflict damage even while guarding.
  • Intangibility Cancellation: ignoring the fact that the target cannot be affected by attacks, the strike cannot be phased through.
  • Irreversible Destruction: true to the attack being "absolute", the effects and damage inflicted are also absolute, causing regeneration and reconstruction to fail.
  • Omnipresential Attack: no matter what timeline the target is residing in, the attack will strike at all space-time locations, ensuring a successful hit at a time when they are vulnerable (i.e. before acquiring intangibility or immortality).
  • One Hit Kill: Because it is absolute power, the user's attack is amazingly powerful, enough to kill a human completely, especially a user with Immortality, or the Enhanced Healing Factor power.
  • Totality Attack: Attack the target anywhere/everywhere in existence.




Known Weapons

See Also: Weapon of Mass Destruction.


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