The power to be a Abuhuku. Variation on Columbian Mythical Creature Physiology.

Also Called

  • Rainforest Demon


The user is a abuhuku. They are a Columbian nocturnal mythical creature that embodies disease, death, and all things evil. The abuhuku affiliate themselves with spirits of dead poisoners, murderers, and male adulterers. Their victims have a hole cut into their skulls from which the abuhuku suck their insides out of. They are describe as hairy and full of foul odor and they possess another head on the back of their other head. Toxicologists will use their armpit hair to make the deadliest of poisons. The abuhuku is also known to be stupid fortunately; they are easily outwitted by children. Capsicum smoke is toxic to abuhuku. Upon death, they turn into sloths.



Known Users

  • Abúhukü (Columbia Folklore)
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