The ability to move fast in any/all forms of movement. Technique of Enhanced Speed.

Also Called

  • Accelerated Locomotion
  • Speed Locomotion/Movement


User can move fast in any/all forms of movement, including running, burrowing, climbing, crawling, swimming, flying, jumping, sliding, swinging, surfing, etc. They can move their body parts to propel themselves quicker than the average member of their species can.





  • Without Acceleration Immunity user will suffer from the side effects of accelerating to and moving at high velocities.
    • Breathing may be difficult due to high speeds, unless one has Enhanced Lung Capacity. This may be especially troubling when carrying a passenger.
    • May cause burning and extreme heat from the friction of speed.
      • May require heat-proof clothing for protection.
  • User's physical state affects their speed and endurance.
  • Speed doesn't necessarily mean maneuverability, some users may have problems with inertia and tight corners.
    • Traction may be a problem.
  • Can be nullified by Speed Cancellation.
  • Weak against Speed Theft.
  • May be faster in some movements rather than others.
  • Does not apply to running or walking.

Known Users

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