The power to bestow/impart rapid locomotion onto anything/everything. Sub-power of Acceleration Manipulation. Variation of Kinetic Accumulation and Motion Bestowal. Opposite to Motion Cancellation.

Also Called

  • Acceleration Factor
  • Hyper Velocity Granting/Imparting


User can cause anything/everything to be propelled at incredibly high speeds. Giving said things that would normally be too heavy or too obtuse to move all that well without it flying apart at the seams due to the momentum & velocity.

Unlike Motion Bestowal however, whatever amount of motion bestowed does not make whatever or whomever they're pushing forward absolutely constant. Eventually the accelerated item of interest will inevitably lose its propelling force or can be halted by a more resilient substance that impedes it.





Known Users

  • Slingshot (DC Comics)
  • Catapult (Malibu Comics)
  • Bartholomew Kuma (One Piece)
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