The ability to open and close any security system without the need of the key, pass code, etc. Sub-power of Access Manipulation. Advanced form of Lock-Picking.


The user can lock/unlock and/or activate/deactivate any/every device/system of security (latches, levers, knobs, handles, bolts, rigs, ropes, etc.) that can be used as the method to lock a gate, door or window.



  • Access and Occlusion is rarely a person's only power, so it is often used sparingly.
  • Often needs to be in contact or very close quarters with locking device.
  • Function Impairment might render a door lock inoperable even when it should be.
  • Some security systems/devices may be imbued with a counter-measure that prevents them from being unlocked.

Known Users

  • Anodites (Ben 10)
    • Gwen Tennyson
  • Charmcaster (Ben 10)
  • Michael Morningstar (Ben 10)
  • Aggregor (Ben 10)
  • Honey (Breath of Fire III)
  • Hei (Darker than Black)
  • The Key (DC Comics)
  • Blondie Lockes (Ever After High)
  • Unlocking and Locking Charms users (Harry Potter)
  • Inspector Gadget (Inspector Gadget)
  • Keyblade wielders (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Twilight Sparkle/Sci-Twi (My Little Pony: Equestria Girls)
  • Door (Neverwhere)
  • Hacker Programs (ReBoot)
    • Mouse
  • Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
  • Fleabyte (Sonic the Comic)
  • Sophia Esteed (Star Ocean); via Connection
  • Beatrice (Umineko When They Cry)
  • Lock Heart (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Billy Kaplan/Wiccan (Marvel Comics)
  • Vision (Marvel Comics)
  • Lockette (Winx Club)

Known Objects


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