The ability to mimic the traits of a Acheri. Variation of Ghost Physiology and Plague Deity Physiology.

Also Called

  • Acheri Mimicry


A user with this ability either is or can transform into an Acheri. The Acheri is a spirit of disease that originated from Hindu folklore but over time also became part of Native American "fakelore" due to confusion over the term "Indian"; as such, two unique versions of the creature exist in the modern world with the Native American version ironically gaining more prominence in popular media despite actually being a more modern invention, though the original Hindu version is still very active and researchers are starting to properly attribute the source back to its Hindu roots.

In both the original Hindu legend and its modern Native American tales they are depicted as horrific child-like phantoms born of young girls who died under tragic circumstances. They return from beyond the grave, descend from their mountains after dark and bring sickness to children and the elderly.




  • Vulnerable to certain rituals and prayers, especially those connected to the hindu gods (or Native American traditions, in the case of the modern take)

Known Users

  • Acheri (Indian Folklore)
  • Acheri (Native American Folklore); (due to modern "fakelore - not part of the original Native American mythology)
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