The ability to manipulate and control acids along with acidic-based characteristics; the ability, along with Blood Manipulation, is a sinister form of Water Manipulation.

Also called

  • Acid Control
  • Acid Bending
  • Serqekinesis


Users can do the following:

  • Extract Acid, including from the human body.
  • Detect acid.
  • Use stomach acid as a weapon.
  • Some of are immune to acid.

Related Abilities


  • Acid Mimicry - mimic the traits of acid.
  • Acid Generation - generate acid.


  • Some users are limited to the type of acid they can control.
  • Some users are limited to the amount of acid they can control.
  • Users have to be careful on whom to attack with acid (it is a liquid which means splash damage).

Known Users


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