The power to infringe Newton's third law of motion. Sub-power of Action-Reaction Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Action-Reaction Law Breaking
  • Action-Reaction Violation


The user can infringe Newton's Third Law of Motion, which states that "every action force exerted must come with an equal and opposite reaction force". Momentum and kinetic energy can be infringed too with this power, since they do have a connection with the third law of motion. They can exert multiple action forces, reaction forces or both at once or, upon exerting such forces, have one force be weaker or stronger than the other, have a different direction rather than being opposite, allowing for many movement options. They can negate action-reaction force, making them able to go through surfaces such as walls.




  • May cause problems if used incorrectly.
  • May not be able to infringe some action-reaction forces.
  • May be applicable for a short amount of time.
  • May be limited to speed and magnitude.

Known Users


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