The ability to ignore lines of action.

Also Called

  • Action Line Ignoring/Rejection
  • Line of Action Defiance/Ignoring/Rejection


The user can ignore the line of action of a force, which is the line in which a force exerted acts in, and where something moves in when exerted upon. With this, the user can effectively exert forces on themselves or others in ways other than a line such as a spiral or zigzag manner, which may act for a short time before going back to a straight line once the force is no longer exerted.




  • May not be able to ignore line of action completely.
  • May have a time period as to how long they can ignore line of action.
  • Can still be affected by other forces.

Known Users

  • Spinjitzu Users (LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu)
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