The ability to learn what others learn without doing so themselves. Sub-power of Mind Link. Variation of Experience Sharing.

Also Called

  • Action Linking
  • Exercise Link/Linking
  • Learning Link


The power to link with other beings, living or not subconsciously and with that, learn to do what they do, what they learn without having to learn or do the things themselves. For example, they can learn from someone else learning how to fight while they are asleep, or have their body get stronger when driving a car and the car is transporting the user while inside of them. This also includes having someone else exercise while the user does nothing and still stay in shape. The user may also gain experience from others as they do things the user does not.





  • May be limited to certain number of targets at a time.
  • May be irreversible/permanent.

Known Users

  • Sensates (Sense8)
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