The power to instantly understand any knowledge and adapt it for your needs/uses. Technique of Intuitive Aptitude. Combination of Instant Learning and Adaptive Mind.

Also Called

  • Adaptive Knowledge/Understanding


User can gather and instantly understand any knowledge/form of knowledge and adapt the knowledge, skills, powers, talents, etc, to suit their needs. Including learning a new talent/skill and adapting a way to use it despite being disabled/handicapped or a talent that allows one to read quickly could be changed to allow one to read quickly for several different books and subjects at the same time, and more.

Rather than simply being limited to powers, user can apply this to any/all forms of knowledge/learning, including skills/talents, powers, magic, intuition, language, writing, reading, body control, etc. Users of this can learn and adapt any knowledge for their own needs and personal condition/physiology/status.



Known Users

  • Satou Pendragon (Death March to The Parallel World Rhapsody)
  • Kintaro Oe (Golden Boy)
  • Koyori (Hand Shakers)
  • Makoto Misumi (Moon-led Journey Across Another World)