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The ability to possess a supernaturally adaptive metabolism. Sub-power of Supernatural Cells.

Also Called

  • Transcendent Metabolism


User possesses a supernaturally adaptive metabolism, which allows them to withstand virtually any toxin/pathogen, survive incredibly harsh conditions and recover at amazing speed from otherwise lethal damage. They can build up their physical abilities to potentially infinite levels through increasingly harder training, and develop powerful elemental resistances via gradual exposure.

This flexibility extends also to their brain cells, allowing them to learn at an accelerated rate, and they prove highly compatible with enhancing drugs and similar empowering substances, permanently incorporating the enhancements and quickly nullifying their various side-effects.




  • Can still succumb to conditions that are beyond its capabilities.

Known Users

  • Akatsuki Ousawa (Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero); via Linked Energy Manipulation
  • Granseiz (Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero); via Linked Energy Manipulation
  • Yuujiro Hanma (Baki the Grappler)
  • Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden); via the blood of the Dragon Gods
  • Practitioners of the Hercules Method (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode)
  • Gourmet Cells (Toriko)