"It's not like it spoke to me or anything. But somehow I understood what it was. A weapon, from... somewhere else.. that could become whatever its wearer needed the most."
― Armory (Violet Lightner) - Marvel Comics

The ability to utilize a weapon that is capable of adapting. Variation of Power Weaponry.

Also Called

  • Evolving Weapon/Weaponry


The user utilizes a specialized weapon that is capable of adapting to a variety of situations. This weapon is capable of analyzing the situation (whether mystically, psionically, or scientifically) and adapting characteristics needed to overcome any and all obstacles in the aforementioned situation.

It may even be able to transmute itself to other existing forms of weaponry, thereby allowing it to adapt to situations that require a different weapon. For example, if a long-range weapon is needed, but the weapon's current form is that of a sword, it would transmute itself into the form of a bow, a spear, of any other long-range weapon.


  • Empathic Weaponry - Bond between weapon and master.
  • Infusion - The weapon can infuse itself with the right energies to combat the enemy.
  • Reactive Adaptation - The essential power to react to and adapt to threats.
    • Adaptive Power-Level - Can alter its own strength in terms of firepower when dealing with opposition that is vastly superior.
    • Mode Switching - The weapon will develop different modes for situations are encountered frequently.
    • Power Opposition - Often, an adaptation calls for the power opposite that of the enemy.
  • Weapon Transmutation - The weapon can transmute itself to better fit the required situation.
    • Weapon Regeneration - The weapon is capable of regenerating itself or any broken off pieces/parts.
    • Weaponry Refinement - The weapon can enhance itself to perform or have better quality.
    • Weapon State - The weapon can change its state to provide different/various benefits and uses.




  • May not be permanent.
  • Adaptations may have their limits. For example, an adaption to an element may leave it vulnerable to another.
  • User may not be proficient in the different forms that the weapon transmutes into.
  • May not be able to adapt to all situations.

Known Users

See also: Evolving Weapon.

Known Items


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