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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
― Arthur C. Clarke

The ability to create and/or use advanced technology. Sub-power of Super Science and Technological Constructs.

Also Called

  • Super Technology
  • Superior Technology


The user can build, possess, acquire, and/or find very superior technology, including technological advancements and weaponry, artificial enhancements, genetic engineering, god-level machinery, etc. The technology is so strong that it's capable of completing feats so amazingly impossible that it can control all of reality, grant the user absolute power, etc.

Applications (General)

  • Various Technology-based Powers: All powers based around technology, being able to transcend the rules of reality through overcoming the limitation of standard technology varies based on the capabilities of users.

Applications (Detailed)

  • The user may possess advanced technology capable of performing feats such as:
  • Artificial Enhancements: Possesses an artificially enhanced physiology and re-modified bodies with man-made alterations such as genetic to cybernetic, by specialized drugs, experimentation, genetic engineering/manipulation, etc, all granting them a variety of strength and powers.
  • Meta Science/Transcendent Science/Physical Godhood/Almighty Science: Create ahead of the times technology through the use of powerful scientific abilities.
  • Omnifabrication: Invent and create any item, device, weapon, etc. they want/need with limited resources in exceptionally short time, which can perform actions that manipulate/distort reality.
    • Various Constructs: Power to create something out of anything, everything, or nothing at all.
      • Technological Constructs: Create various kinds of technological constructs: weapons, armor's, structures, devices, drones, vehicles, robots, aircrafts, spacecrafts, and so on
  • Science Attuned: Altered, powered and created by science having a specific physiology can be the result of scientific experiments whether proven successful or abortive, the improbable consequence of scientific accidents will.
  • Technoformation: Merge with/utilize any/every form of automation, syncing with and controlling the mechanical function, merging essence into the mechanical energy form to transcend the physical form.




  • Advanced Technology is going to require a lot of power, like all machines do.
  • Technology Manipulation may be able to stop the technology, but due to the complexity of the machine this may be difficult.
  • It may require atlest Enhanced Intelligence to understand the technology.
  • May need Enhanced Inventing to create the machines required to do such massive feats.

Known Users

See also: Sufficiently Advanced Alien and Higher Tech Species.


  • Kryptonians (DC Comics)
  • New Gods (DC Comics)
  • Monitors (DC Comics)
  • Imps (DC Comics)
  • Abrakadabra (DC Comics)
  • Brainiac (DC Comics)
  • Mister Mxyzptlk (DC Comics)
  • Batmite (DC Comics)
  • Naljians (Ben 10)
  • Relic (DC Comics)
  • Contumelia (Ben 10)
  • Fairies (Fairly OddParents)
  • En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse (Marvel Comics)
  • Asgardians (Marvel Comics)
  • Shi'ar (Marvel Comics)
  • Tyrant (Marvel Comics)
  • Tony Stark/Iron Man (Marvel Comics)
  • Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards (Marvel Comics)
  • Cybertronians (Transformers)
  • COBRA (G.I. Joe)
  • Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty)
  • Homeworld Gems (Steven Universe)
  • Cooper Wells/SCP-3293 (SCP Foundation)
  • Galvans (Ben 10)


  • Klaxo-Sapiens (Darling In The FranXX); originally
  • Doraemon (Doraemon)
  • Gigazombie (Doraemon)
  • Ueno (How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno!)
  • The Guild/House of White (Last Exile)
  • Franky (One Piece)
  • Germa 66 (One Piece)
  • Vegapunk (One Piece)
  • The Academy (Steel Angel Kurumi)
  • Neighbors (World Trigger)
  • Amado (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations)

Video Games

Live Television


  • Great Beings (Bionicle)
  • Atlanteans (Mythology)
  • Future Humans (Interstellar)
  • The Culture (Culture Series)
  • The Foundation (SCP Foundation)
  • SCP-3003 - The End of History (SCP Foundation)
  • Dark Age of Technology Humans (Warhammer 40,000)

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