The ability to possess the physical body of a robot with wind/air-based abilities. Combination of Bionic Physiology and Air Mimicry. Variation of Elemental-Mechanical Physiology.

Also Called

  • Aero-Bionic Physiology


The user is or can become a robotic being which combines technology with wind. While they share weaknesses of ordinary robots, the only weakness that they don't have in common with aforementioned machines, is that they are totally immune to air/wind itself.



Known Users

  • Toa of Air (Bionicle)
    • Kongu
    • Lewa
    • Matau
  • Red Tornado (DC Comics)
  • Air Robot Masters (Mega Man Series)
    • Air Man
    • Cloud Man
    • Gyro Man
    • Tengu Man
    • Tornado Man
    • Wind Man
  • Air Mavericks (Mega Man X Series)
  • Turbotron (Power Rangers Beast Morphers)
  • E-35 Funfun (Sonic X)


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