The power to emit beams of aether. Sub-power of Aether Attacks. Variation of Beam Emission. Opposite to Nether Beam Emission

Also Called

  • Quintessence Beam Emission


User can project concentrated beams of aether for a destructive amount of damage. Beams can have a variety of effects including explosion, a concussive force or dispersing. The effect of the beam depends on the users intent as it has potential to impact an enemy with any applications of Aether. Examples include Cosmological energy, Ethereal energy, Fundamental forces, Positive energy etc...




  • May be a constant stream effect
  • Over charging may drain the user of all energy
  • May be reliant on a power source
  • User may not be immune to self damage
  • Can be negated or opposed by Nether Manipulation

Known Users

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