Object that grants its user aetheric powers. Variation of Powers Via Object. Opposite to Nether Object.

Also Called

  • Akasha/Akashic/Ether/Quintessential Object


The user has access to an object that grants them aetheric powers. They can range from source materials to apparel to fully-designed weapons; whatever the form, they can impart aether-based powers to those who lack them entirely or augment the already existing quintessential capabilities.

The object’s nature and use can come in different ways. It can act as a container for a sealed aether-based entity that transfers its power or inhabits its host (Aether Symbiosis). It can be naturally imbued with quintessential energy that the user wields when activated. It can even be a conduit for a remote source of celestial power. This type of item can impart powerful abilities related to aura, chi, life-force and/or mana; however, its celestial nature still runs the risk of overwhelming and/or possessing the wielder.




Known Objects


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