The power to connect the world of the living to the land of the dead/afterlife. Sub-power of Afterlife Manipulation. Technique of Afterlife Border. Not to be confused with Life and Death Removal.

Also Called

  • Afterlife Linking
  • Death Connecting/Linking


User can connect the living world to the world of death/the afterlife, linking the land of death/the dead and spirits/souls to the realm of life and existence, allowing both worlds to interact with each other.

As a result the rules of both worlds combine/mix together in various and unpredictable ways, such as causing souls/spirits/ghosts to be treated as living beings and living beings to be treated as spirits, and potentially even lead to cursed resurrections for those that do end up dying. This can also cause any changes to anything from either world to effect both of them instead of only one.

Unlike afterlife border, there is no longer any boundary separating life and death, as they are now essentially one and the same.




Known Users

  • Death Logos (Aquarion Logos)
  • Swarm of Night (The Chathrand Voyages); via being summoned to the living world.
  • Mana Lord (Children of Mana)
  • Susanoo (Gan-kon); via opening the passageway to Yomi
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