The power to manipulate the alchemic materials. Sub-power of Alchemy. Variation of Mystical Material Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Alchemic/Alchemical/Alchemy Material Control
  • Alchemic/Alchemical/Alchemy Substance Control/Manipulation


User can create, shape and manipulate various alchemic materials. Through an esoteric usage of mystical and scientific techniques and ingredients, one could produce and/or control unique materials that could induce supernatural effects. Historically, these substances, often described with secret symbols, were meant to enable physical and spiritual transformation. Fictionally, they can enable amazing abilities for those who possess or are affected by them.


There are a number of special alchemic substances mentioned throughout history.

  • Alkahest – This is described as the “universal solvent,” capable of dissolving any substance, even gold. It could reduce substances down to their base, elemental essences, allowing for the creation of potent medicines.
  • Elixir of Life – This is a unique alchemical potion said to be capable of granting immortality, eternal youth and even curing any disease.
  • Panacea – This is another type of special cure-all that can grant life extension.
  • Philosopher's Stone – This is the probably the most well-known alchemical material. The stone was said to be capable to bringing about the perfected form of any substance. This was often spoken of as transmuting base metals like lead into pure metals like gold. This was usually a metaphor representing personal transformation into a higher, more evolved state of being. It was also said to be capable of providing profound health benefits like rejuvenation and immortality. The stone was also said to enable feats like forever-burning lamps, transmuting ordinary stones into gems or even creating lifeforms like clones or a homunculi.
  • Prima materia/Yliaster – This is the necessary primary material for creating the Philosopher’s Stone, said to be the alchemist’s Magnum Opus (Great Work). It is said to lack any type of form and contains all colors and metals.

Real Life

See Also: Alchemical substances

Although many supposed supernatural substances were believed to be possible through alchemy’s practice, actual chemicals were found through the experiments they performed. Although they were not necessarily mystical, they were found to have potent effects.




  • May be unable to create alchemic materials, being limited to manipulating already existing ones.
  • Distance and the amount of matter depends on the strength and skill of the user.
  • May be difficult to create, requiring careful creation to avoid producing an inferior or possibly dangerous substance.
  • May only be able to create one effect (cure-all, immortality, eternal youth, transmutation, etc.).
  • May require certain level of mystical or spiritual enlightenment.
  • May not work without proper steps or ingredients.

Known Users


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