The power to have a mode for full use of abilities. Variation of Mode Switching.

Also Called

  • All-Out Form
  • Peerless Mode (Konjiki no Wordmaster)
  • Unleashed Form/Mode


User can enter a form where their limitations do not apply to their abilities. In other words, all special attacks, conditional powers, strengths, powers and locked abilities are not only enhanced, but brought to their full potential.

The user does not need to build up energy, meet specific conditions, wait for their power and abilities to recharge, etc., to use powers they could not use otherwise or at least use right away. They don't have to deal with consequences such as body strain and fatigue, use their abilities anytime they want while in this form, and are not bound to their abilities' limits.




  • May not be able to change back to previous form.
  • May be limited in duration.

Known Users

  • Acqua of the Back (A Certain Magical Index); via Divine Mother's Mercy
  • Son Gohan (Dragon Ball); via Potential Unleashed
  • Hiiro Okamura (Konjiki no Wordmaster); via Peerless Mode


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