The power to manipulate and generate the energy and connections that link all powers. A sub power of Omnipotence.

Also Called

  • Power Link
  • Power Connection
  • Orgin of All Powers
  • Link Force Manipulation


The user is capable of access and manipulating the connection that links all powers that compose omnipotence. This power itself can be achieved by combination of Origin Manipulation and Complete Arsenal.The itself power is the fundamental force behind all collective abilities.

This power can control and access all the infinite, associations, variations, combinations and sub-powers related to omnipotence primal stage making the user to possess supreme control over all powers.

Applications (Master Users)



  • User of this only controls the powers originated by the proemial source not the Omnipotence itself only its variations and powers related to it, meaning the user is not full omnipotent.
  • If the link is severed by Separation users the power, that was severed, might cease to exist.
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