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"All other things partake in a portion of everything, while Nous is infinite and self-ruled, and is mixed with nothing, but is alone, itself by itself. For if it were not by itself, but were mixed with anything else, it would partake in all things if it were mixed with any; for in everything there is a portion of everything, as has been said by me in what goes before, and the things mixed with it would hinder it, so that it would have power over nothing in the same way that it has now being alone by itself. For it is the thinnest of all things and the purest, and it has all knowledge about everything and the greatest strength; and Nous has power over all things, both greater and smaller, that have soul."
― Anaxagoras
"Nous, a vital word in Hermetic thought, has no direct English translations. It conveys consciousness, intellect, wisdom, perception, primal divinity and sophisticated creativity, and it means all and yet none of these things directly."
― ORDER OF HERMES, REVISED – PAGE 14 (World of Darkness)
"The mind of God is all the mentality that is scattered over space and time, the diffused consciousness that animates the world."
― Baruch Spinoza

The power to be omnipotent over the mind. Form/Expression of Omnipotence. Absolute version of Psionic Godhood and Absolute Psionics. Not to be confused with Absolute Mind or Psionic Embodiment.

Also Called

  • Nous
  • Mind of God
  • Almighty Intelligence/Mind
  • Omnipotent Mind/Psionics
  • Mindpotence/Mentalpotence
  • Psionicpotence/Psychopotence
  • Psionic/Psychic/Mental/Mind Omnipotence
  • Supreme Psionic/Psychic/Mental Perfection


The user possesses an almighty, supreme and omnipotent mind, meaning the user has a mind on the same scale as an Omnipotent being if it were to have one. This means that the user has unrestricted and absolute access to all aspects and segments of the mind on an omnipotent and infinite scale. With the mind of the user being unfathomable and inconceivably powerful beyond any rule, logic or definition, they can do absolutely anything independently of it being logical, illogical or contradictory, bypassing anything and everything with their mind alone. As such their mind is beyond any other in Creation, making it so incomprehensible to other minds grasp it totally.

Since Omnipotence is limitless and absolute, the mind of the user has the same aspects, attributes, traits, abilities, and everything beyond always in the absolute state, including metaphysicals such as psionics and psychics. The user's Knowledge is infinite and have their mind over Totality and the basest state of reality. All in all, the user is Truly Omnipotent, but focusing all of it on what we refer to and know as the Mind.

Applications (General)

Applications (Detail)


  • Absolute Mind
    • Attributes:
      • Absolute Charisma - Possesses the highest level of charm they can obtain in existence.
      • Absolute Creativity - Has the ability to access and create new ideas (of inventions, craftsmanship, concepts, etc.)
      • Absolute Emotions - Have emotions that have no limits to how far they can escalate.
      • Absolute Intelligence - Possess a limitless level of intellectual and cognitive proficiency.
      • Absolute Wisdom - Possess a limitless level of wisdom that can surpass anything in existence.
      • Absolute Wits - Has a limitless thinking capacity, enabling them to adapt to any changing situations.
      • Knowledge Ascendancy - They know everything there is to know by their own respective realities and use their immense intellect to further enhance themselves and gain a number of different abilities.
      • Omniscience - Have absolute knowledge about everything.
    • States:
      • Adaptive Mind - Can adapt mentally to any situation/condition/event/environment.
      • Formless Mind - Possess a mind that exists beyond intelligence, reason or thought.
      • State of Mind - Enter a state of understanding one's self, and everything around them.
        • Clear Mind - Mental boundaries and limitations are completely erased allowing their mental abilities
        • Calm State - Mental fortitude and endurance is unbreakable/unyielding no matter what is happening.
        • Tranquil State - Can remain calm in virtually any situation, allowing them to think with perfect clarity.
    • Process:
    • Sensation:
      • Omni-Intuition - Instantly understand the complexity and exactness of anything/everything.
      • Hyper Instincts - Have a mind that processes the world in an optimal way.
      • Hypercognition - Perform complex mental operations drastically beyond what is naturally possible.
      • Omni-Perception - Can perceive entirely anything/everything, even time, destiny, reality and beyond.
    • Others:
      • Enhanced Brain Capacity - Use one's brain capacity far above the maximum level.
      • Panmnesia - Remember absolutely everything one thinks, feels, encounters, and experiences.
  • Psionic Derivation - Be the driving force and/or source of all psionic/psychic power.
  • Indeterminacy - Be beyond all scaling or definition.
    • Absolute Potential - It is impossible to define a limit, mathematical or otherwise, to the user's development.
    • Absolute Unpredictability - The user's future is so unpredictable that nothing can predict what will do next.
  • Reality Mind - The user imagines the whole reality.
    • Almighty Science - Because of the user’s omnipotent like mind and that science equals knowledge, the user would be capable of omnipotent like scientific abilities.
    • Reality Dreaming - To some powerful beings reality is nothing but their every sleep dream.
    • Reality Embodiment/Totality Embodiment (varies) - The user embodies reality.
    • Unity - The user is made of reality.
  • Unimind - Be connected with all things and their essences.
    • Enlightenment - Understand or possess full comprehension of the universe and/or beyond.
    • Essence Manipulation - Can analyze, shape and manipulate the essence for anything.
  • Transcendent Consciousness - Have or be the original primordial consciousness.
    • Mind Transcendence - User possesses the capability and aptitudes to transcend one's mental restrictions, weaknesses, and cognitive impairments, allowing them to unlock, develop, and improve their mental capabilities than before.
      • The original formless consciousness that all thought, minds, dreams, imagination, ideas, and stories came from.



  • Psionics: Possess an arsenal of psionic powers.
  • Omni-Psionics: Have a complete arsenal of all existing psychic powers.
    • Users possess absolutely all psychic/psionic/mental powers/abilities/states. With an infinite supply and arsenal of abilities originating from the mind, one can accomplish anything in existence.
  • Cosmic Psionics: Possess a cosmic-scale level psychic acumen.
    • The user wields psionics on a cosmic scale. Meaning that a user's psychic abilities can influence beyond a planetary level, examples such as manipulating planets, cosmic forces and various forms of matter through psychokinetic means.
  • Absolute Psionics: Possess mighty psychic power.
    • Users possess absolute, if not supreme, psychic power, tapping into absolute, pure psionic might, and achieving an unimaginable level of psychic power, capabilities, and precision that surpasses any and all other psionics by an outstanding margin.
  • Psionic Godhood: Nigh omnipotent version of psionics.
    • Users with this power have unlimited access to all forms of psionics and other psychic and mental forces/powers in existence. With this infinite access, the user is capable of psionic feats that transcends the normal limits of psychic power in general inherently gaining all their natural abilities and their tier abilities that can go beyond their universes and so on.
  • Almighty Mind: The omnipotent version of psionics.
    • The user possesses an almighty, supreme and omnipotent mind. With the mind of the user being unfathomable and inconceivably powerful beyond any rule, logic or definition, they can do absolutely anything independently of it being logical, illogical or contradictory, bypassing anything and everything with their mind alone.



  • This power can only be possessed and utilized by those with a mind, and only one person can posses it.

Known Users

  • The All (Hermeticism)
  • The Monad (Gnosticism)
  • Barbelo (Gnosticism)
  • Jehovah (World of Darkness/Mage The Ascension)
  • Nous (Pre/Post-Socratic Philosophy)
  • Bathala (Philippine Mythology)
  • Monitor-Mind/The Overvoid (DC Comics)