"Science is the power that makes the impossible possible."
― Impey's Teacher (Code Realize)

The power to use the almighty science. Scientific version of Omnipotence. Ultimate form of Transcendent Science. Opposite to Almighty Magic.

Also Called

  • Absolute/Omnipotent Science
  • Absolute/True/Ultimate Divine Science
  • Omnipotent Science
  • Science God/Goddess
  • Scientipotence
  • Science Of God


User can manipulate and understand a level of science/knowledge that only an omnipotent being would possess. Almighty science allows the user to achieve limitless and beyond the impossible results due to being so advanced and complex that it cannot be measured or equaled, let alone understood.

Most users of this use that type of science to enhance or bestow others with ultipotent/omnipotent powers that can bend, break or even rewrite all laws of physics, create omniverses and warp realities those same feats are above and beyond even the level of normal divine science.




  • May require some level of Omniscience to fully understand.

Known Users

  • Agatha Hetherodyne (Girl Genius); momentarily after drinking water from the source of Dyne river.
  • The Almighty One (Ah! My Goddess)
  • Artificers (Gold Digger)
  • Aspirants (Marvel Comics)
  • Sixth Cosmos (Marvel Comics)
  • The Beyonders (Marvel Comics)
  • Game Master (Not Lives)
  • Synapsians (Sora no Otoshimono)
    • Daedalus
    • Minos
  • Cytherians (Star Trek: TNG); potentially
  • The Precursors (Stargate Universe)


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