"Sometimes I forget which timeline I'm in."
― Kakushi Gotou (Kakushigoto)

The power to be born into the incorrect timeline, as though it is the correct one. Variation of Temporal Entity Physiology.

Also Called

  • Anachronistic Condition/Physiology
  • Temporal Anomaly Physiology
  • Time-Anomalistic Physiology


The user is a temporal anomaly, born into the wrong time (either years before he should have been, or years after), or into the wrong timeline altogether, as though it is his proper place. As such, they will move faster (or slower) than normal, age faster (or slower) and are prone to intuitive feelings or perhaps random knowledge (even visions) about their correct time period. Likewise, the user is resistant (if not entirely immune) to temporal abilities.

  • Note: Being born outside of one's true timeline is the result of an irregularity of the space-time continuum, often due to temporal manipulation.



  • Futurity (Future Condition): The user is born years before he should be (in reference to his current time period, the user comes from the future)
  • Pastness (Past Condition): The user is born years after he should be (in reference to his current time period, the user comes from the past)



  • The temporal mechanics can be very confusing
  • Sometimes, results in the user perceiving and/or moving slower than normal
  • Sometimes, results in the user aging and/or moving faster than normal
  • While many times users are immune to Time Manipulation, some users are only highly resistant to it (meaning a significantly powerful time manipulator can still affect them)

Known Users

See Also: Fish Out Of Temporal Water

  • Shuhei/Shukumaru (Fire Tripper)
  • Jormungand/Migard Serpent (God of War)
  • Himiko Himejima (Legend of Himiko)
  • Rin (Lost Song)
  • Melinda Halliwell (Charmed)
  • Abe no Seimei (Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi)
  • Ash/The Protagonist (Phantasy Star Online)
  • Frisk (Undertale)
  • Chara (Undertale)
  • Yu-No (YU-NO)
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