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The power to manipulate ancestry and past lives. Sub-power of Kinship Manipulation. Opposite to Descendancy Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Ancestry Control
  • Past Life Control/Manipulation


User can manipulate the ancestry and past lives of themselves or others, change who is their ancestor or past life, what powers/abilities they had, how they relate to the target, etc. They can grant the target powers/abilities from the person from the past they choose to make into the ancestor or past life.




  • May have a range, duration or quantity limit.
  • May be limited to inner changes, keeping the subject's appearance intact.
  • May be limited to only one's own ancestry.
  • May be unable to choose which genes are shared, creating the possibility of inheritance of genetic disorders.
  • May be unable to keep any change permanently.
  • May need Retrocognition to see people from the past first.

Known Users

  • Mbokomu (Ngombe Mythology)
  • Nobunaga Oda (Nobunaga teacher's Young Bride)