The power to gain a new evolutionary form from ancient powers. Variation of Evolution. Not to be confused with Atavism.


The user can gain a new evolutionary form from ancient powers. They might resemble life forms of the past.




  • Interruption during the evolution process may result in Premature Evolution.
  • Every species has different and unique evolutionary processes.
  • Evolution can sometimes only change instead of enhancing the being.
  • May not be able to return to the previous form if wanted.
  • May require a specific skill or power to be learned.
  • May require extensive data about the desired evolution.
  • May only be able to evolve other individuals instead of themselves.
  • Weak against Stagnation.
  • Users may have a maximum number of evolution steps.
  • Users of Devolution can erase anything the user has gained.
  • May cause skills and parts to be lost, especially if the skills/parts could be used for something else more useful.

Known Users

  • Ten Legendary Warriors (Digimon: Frontier); via Ancient Digivolution
  • Yanma (Pokemon) via obtaining Ancient Power
  • Tangela (Pokemon) via obtaining Ancient Power
  • Piloswine (Pokemon) via obtaining Ancient Power
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