The power to use primal symbiotic armor. Variation of Symbiote Creation. Combination of Totality Manipulation and Symbiotic Costume.

Also Called

  • Begetter Symbiotic Costume
  • Primordial Symbiote Armor


The user possesses a very special symbiotic armor attuned with very old, incredibly dynamic forces older than reality itself. Often begotten from the cosmic quintessence slurry of creation, or being the caste off of an ancient being or race of beings older than most any iteration of the current cosmos.

Whoever dons the very first and by far the most predominant of living exo-entities can veritably reshape the world and everything around them/it and beyond with a thought.

The symbiote itself is rather obtuse in thought and percolation. But bonding with successive hosts allows it to grow and change and evolve. Not to mention that by doing so, the suit changes it's wearers on a fundamental level as well. With their successive generations taking on and galvanizing those remnant alterations for it to pick up later on in life. Allowing both it and the user to forever grow ad infinitum.






  • Armor's vastness of consciousness may overwhelm the user.
  • Primordial Symbiotes are harder to control.
  • Symbiote may corrupt its user body and mind if will isn't strong enough.
  • May run the risk of burning through user.

Known Users

Known Items


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