The user can manipulate angels. Sub-power of Supernatural Manipulation. Variation of Mythic Manipulation and Life Mastery. Opposite to Demon Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Angel Control
  • Angelic Manipulation
  • Angeloskinesis


The user can create, manipulate, and destroy angels. They can use angels to perform all kinds of tasks.




  • Control Immunity
  • May be limited to manipulating angels and not the creation of them.
  • Angels becoming a different being by falling into corruption can get rid of user control.
  • Archangels and Transcendent Angels are highly resistant or immune. 

Known Users

  • The Lumen Sages (Bayonetta)
  • God (Christianity)
  • Jesus (Christianity)
  • Michael (Christianity)
  • The Presence (DC/Vertigo); post rebirth
  • Angel (Fairy Tail)
  • Barbelo (Gnosticism)
  • Yaldabaoth (Gnosticism)
  • God (Image Comics)
  • Metatron (Judaism)
  • Eugene Sims (Infamous: Second Son)
  • Yaldabaoth (Persona)
  • God (Supernatural)
  • Naomi (Supernatural)
  • Velda/Yuuki (Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken); via Justice King Michael
  • Heru-ra-ha (Thelema)


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