The ability to have the soul of an Angel. Variation of Other Soul. Opposite to Demon Soul.

Also Called

  • Angel Embodiment/Life-Force/Essence/Spirit
  • Angelic Embodiment/Life-Force/Essence/Soul/Spirit


Users of this ability are angels among men, their spiritual essence is angelic. Users have supernatural abilities on an angelic level. Some users have powers that might be dormant due to suppression by a higher power, and may have to be unlocked. Users could possibly ask for new abilities from their higher authority.


  • Angel Morphing: Some users can transform into angels.
  • Biological Manipulation: Since Angels took part in the creation of the universe/everything, they can manipulate and change the biology of living creatures.
  • Divine Element Manipulation: Users can manipulate every single divine element.
  • Empathy: Users can sense the feelings of any and everything, even the feelings of their Power/God.
  • Ethereal Physiology: Some users can transform into a celestial angelic state.
  • Flight: With the soul of an Angel, the user can fly at varying speeds.
  • Holy Gift: Users can ask their Power for anything desired.
  • Holy Fire Manipulation: Angels can harness the light flames of their heavenly home dimension.
  • Invulnerability: Users are invulnerable to any harm that isn't done by their Power.
  • Omni-Psionics: User can utilize every single power of the mind.
  • Physical Godhood: Users are gods among men.
  • Pure Heart: Users possess radiance of the heart, with compassion and righteousness incompatible to normal people.
  • Supernatural Condition: User's soul grants them dramatically enhanced physical attributes.



  • May not be a 'true Angel'.
  • Sometimes limited to wing manifestation.

Known Users

  • First Spirit (Date A Live)
  • Maka Albarn (Soul Eater)
  • Gopher (Soul Eater)
  • Steel Angels (Steel Angel Kurumi)
  • The Chosen (The Fury)
  • Hinata (Bloody Cross)


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