The ability to gain strength from angelic forces, spirits and/or concepts. Variation of Affinity, Angelic Power Link and Divine Empowerment. Opposite to Demonic Empowerment.

Also Called

  • Angel Affinity/Empowerment
  • Angelic Forces Affinity/Empowerment


The user can draw strength from powerful angelic forces in order to increase their natural abilities. Often times, this occurs when one gives prayer to the angels, comes in contact with a relic of their power, or becomes a conduit of their energy. If the user is deemed worthy, they may be able to keep the powers they are blessed with.




  • May require a prayer to the angels.
  • May need to be deemed worthy by the angels.
  • May have to meet a angel face to face in order to obtain power.
  • May require an item from/through which the power is drawn.
  • May be overwhelmed by Demonic Empowerment.
  • This ability isn't entirely exclusive as those with wicked intentions can also gain strength from powerful angels.

Known Users

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