The power to have powers from an angelic divine source. Variation of Light Divinity. Angelic version of Divinity. Created by Supreme Divinity. Power-source of all Angel Physiology's. Opposite of Demonic Source and Dark Divinity. Not to be confused with just Divinity.

Also Called

  • Angelic Grace or Divine Grace
  • Angelic Divine/Godlike/Holy Powers
  • Angelic Divinity
  • Angelic Energies
  • The Power of the Angels


The user has the angelic "Angel" form of divinity and divine powers granting them an immense amount of raw power beyond the mundane, making the angelic users divine being by nature, a status which can be obtained several different ways. Users can gain this type of divinity by having an angelic ancestry, being transformed into an angel either by another more powerful angel, a deity, higher being, by faith, channels, acts as a vessel for, the power/soul of an angel, to mimic/steal powers from an angel, or be enhanced/evolved to the point of angelhood. However, at times users of the angelic source are weaker/lesser than deities depending on the type of divine being they are in question.

The level and form of this type of divinity are variable and unique by the user's nature and character of being, thus weaker or stronger users of angelic source are ultimately reliant on the user alone or the being that made them. Archangels, Ruler Angels, Transcendent Angels, Destroyer Angels, and even Divine-Angelic's, is just a few of the most powerful users of this power source who possess the highest form of this inner power that put them on par with higher deities/gods/goddesses themselves. While lesser Angels and Nephilim possess the lower form of this power.


Types of Angelic Beings



Known Users

Also See: Angels.


  • Angels (Dragon Ball Super)


  • The Angelus (Top Cow Comics)
    • Angels


  • Angels (Abrahamic Faiths); all Angels.
    • Archangels; possess the highest form of this power.
      • Ananiel
      • Azrael
      • Barachiel
      • Camael
      • Cecitiel
      • Gabriel
      • Jegudiel
      • Jophiel
      • Lucifer; possesses dark divinity as well.
      • Marmoniel
      • Metatron (Judaism)
      • Michael
      • Oriel
      • Raguel
      • Ramiel
      • Raphael
      • Samael; possesses dark divinity as well.
      • Sarathiel
      • Selaphiel
      • Suriel
      • Uriel
      • Zadkiel
  • Chalkydri (Christianity)


  • Gabriel (Constantine)
  • Lucifer (Constantine)
  • Angels (Supernatural); all of them.
    • Castiel
  • Archangels (Supernatural)
    • Gabriel
    • Lucifer (dark divinity/angelic source)
    • Michael
    • Michael (other world)
    • Raphael
  • Asmodeus (Supernatural); stolen from Gabriel and mixed with demonic source.
  • God/Chuck (Supernatural); created angel grace.
  • Nephilim (Supernatural)
    • Jack Kline; possess the highest form of this power, and can create angels/angel grace.
    • Jane; possess the lesser form of this power.


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