(Not to be confused with Divine Technology Manipulation)
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* [[Angel Manipulation]]
* [[Angel Manipulation]]
* [[Divine Force Manipulation]]
* [[Divine Force Manipulation]]
* [[Divine Technology Manipulation]]
* [[Exotic Technology]]
* [[Exotic Technology]]
** [[Mythic Technology]]
** [[Mythic Technology]]

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The power to combine angelic energy and technology. Angelic variation of Advanced Technology. Variation of Mythic Technology. Combination of Angelic Force Manipulation and Technological Constructs. Opposite to Demonic Technology. Not to be confused with Divine Technology Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Angel Technology
  • Blessed Technology


User can combine technology with the energies of the blessed realms, angels, archons, and those things related, though not to the degree of the divine.





  • May be sufficiently weaker than objects of divine craftsmanship on the level of gods.
  • May be corrupted by demonic variations.
  • May be weaker when made by those who fall from grace.

Known Users

Known Items


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