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==Also Called==
==Also Called==
* Anger/Rage Theft
* Bellicosity Drain
* Bellicosity Drain
* Fury Absorption
* Fury Absorption

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The power to absorb the feelings of anger and rage from others into oneself. Sub-Power of Anger Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Anger/Rage Theft
  • Bellicosity Drain
  • Fury Absorption
  • Rage Absorption


User can absorb feelings of anger or hostility from others as a form of emotional sponge. The user may be able to harness these emotions to fulfill an alternate physiological purpose. Once the feelings of rage are absorbed, the victim becomes calm and happy for a period of time regardless the situation in their environment.




  • May be limited by the amount of anger they can absorb.
  • May be psychologically affected by the anger that is absorbed from others

Known Users

  • Randall Jessup (Marvel Comics)
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