The power to perform animal-related magic. Form of Magic. Variation of Animalia Manipulation and Organic Magic.

Also Called

  • Animal Spells
  • Fauna Magic


The user can use magic to control the animals, transform themselves or others into animals, mimic animal traits and summon/create animal spirits and/or animals. They can communicate with animals, borrow their senses, possess them and otherwise use animals as extensions of themselves.





Known Users


  • Roxy (Winx Club)
  • Princess Ivy (Sofia the First)

Live Television

  • The Beastmaster (The Legend of Dick and Dom)


  • Sarrasri (Emelan Universe)
  • Onua Chamtong (Emelan Universe)
  • Tobeis Boon (Emelan Universe)
  • Stefan Groomsman (Emelan Universe)
  • Baby Animal Rescue Fairies (Rainbow Magic); via Respective Animal Key Rings
  • Magical Animal Fairies (Rainbow Magic); via Respective Animals


  • Lisanna Straus (Fairy Tail); via Animal Soul
  • Nab Lasaro (Fairy Tail); via Animal Possession
  • Benisato (Ninja Scroll); Snake Magic
  • Rizumu Amamiya (Pretty Rhythm)
  • Silva (Shaman King)
  • Vetto (Black Clover); via Beast Magic
  • Witches (Soul Eater)
    • Angela Leon; Chameleon Magic
    • Medusa Gorgon; Snake Magic
    • Arachne Gorgon; Spider Magic
    • Shaula Gorgon; Scorpion Magic
    • Kim Dahl; Tanuki Magic
    • Eruka Frog; Frog Magic
    • The Mizune Sisters; Mice Magic
    • Tabatha Butterfly; Butterfly Magic
    • Taruho Firefly; Firefly Magic
    • Ponera; Ant Magic
  • Riou and Banikis Gigo (Zatch Bell!)

Tabletop Games

Video Games

  • Zoo Lou (Skylanders)


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