The power to take on the traits of an anthropophagist monster. Variation of Monster Physiology.

Also Called

  • Cannibal Monster Physiology


Users of this ability are either a member of a cannibalistic monster type or can mimic them. These kinds of creatures vary wildly from region to region but share common traits such as usually having a human origin and often being transformed into their monstrous state due to the curse of prolonged consumption of human meat. This is a world-wide class of monster born out of cannibalism, one of humanity's most deep-rooted taboos, and thus there are innumerable types of cannibalistic monsters from both fiction, folklore and religious beliefs.

While it is common for fiction to deal primarily with human-devouring monsters, technically aliens or similar entities that feed on their own kind and undergo a mutation or cursed state can also fall under this term, though it is normally reserved for former humans who devour the flesh of their former kin.

In folklore, these monsters are embodiments of famine and a warning of the dangers of eating human flesh. In fiction, they often share similar traits, though sometimes the term can simply refer to humans who have undergone such horrific degeneration due to years of cannibalism that they are more monster than man.

It is important to note that by default, anthropophagist monsters are not malignant, as they tend to eat for the sake of survival, taking no pleasure from it whatsoever.




Cursed Human

(take form of cannibal-monsters only under certain conditions (such as nightfall etc)

Monstrous Humanoid

(humans or similar beings who have not technically undergone supernatural change but are so devolved due to prolonged cannibalism they are considered monsters regardless)


(both corporeal and incorporeal spirits that feed on living and dead)


(former humans who are permanently transformed into cannibal-monsters, or non-human monsters that are known to eat their own kind)



  • Often feral or deeply impulsive, having either difficulty in controlling their actions or no control whatsoever.

Known Users

  • Ghouls (Arabic Folklore)
  • Titans (Attack on Titan)
  • Yara Ma Yha Who (Australian Folklore)
  • Wako (Columbian/Venezuelan Folklore)
  • Black Annis (English Folklore)
  • Ogres (European Folklore)
  • Donestre (European Folklore)
  • Anthropophage (Greek Folklore)
  • Cronos (Greek Mythology) ; after trying to consume his own children
  • Atshen (Inuit Folklore)
  • Adlet (Inuit Folklore)
  • Futakuchi-Onna (Japanese Folklore)
  • Kubikajiri (Japanese Folklore)
  • Gashadokuro (Japanese Folklore)
  • Jikininki (Japanese Folklore)
  • Ao Nyobo (Japanese Folklore)
  • Wendigo (Marvel Comics)
  • Zombies (Modern Culture)
  • Wendigo (Native American Folklore)
  • Elbow Witches (Native American Folklore)
  • Sack Man (Spanish Folklore)


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